About Bacsoft

Industrial IoT – from Vision to Reality

Bacsoft is a leading provider of end-to-end industrial IoT solutions featuring robust and reliable remote connectivity, simple and speedy application delivery, and low total cost of ownership. As the business climate grows ever more competitive, industrial companies are looking to the Internet of Things to provide the business agility and operational efficiency that they need. With Bacsoft, companies can rapidly connect both their legacy infrastructure and smart devices to the Industrial Internet and build applications to remotely monitor and control their operations. Bacsoft’s technology dramatically simplifies IoT projects and enables companies around the world – in industries from water and agriculture to energy and telecom – to increase their business agility and lower their operating costs. Bacsoft is a subsidiary of the Sun Corporation, a publicly traded Japanese company (6736/JQ), based in Nagoya; it has offices in Israel, the USA, Brazil, Germany, Singapore and UK.

A Complete Solution for IoT Applications

Bacsoft’s proven technology slashes the complexity, risk and cost of IoT projects. The Bacsoft platform is an end-to-end solution for building and managing advanced IoT and M2M applications. The platform features Bacsoft’s Smart Communications Controllers that support a wide variety of devices, interfaces and protocols. Designed to operate reliably under all kinds of conditions including off-grid (battery operated), the Bacsoft Smart Controller is cost-effective and highly scalable for up to thousands of devices.

The Bacsoft IoT Cloud handles all aspects of communications, application execution, data storage, security and auditing in a high-availability environment. Rapid development tools enable integrators and IT organizations to easily build tailored IoT applications including rich dashboards, multi-channel alerts, and complex logic and deploy them for mobile devices, web browsers and control rooms. With the power and flexibility of the Bacsoft platform, companies are realizing the benefit of IoT to transform their business.

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The Bacsoft Advantage

  • Rapid time to market with an end-to-end platform
  • Reliable, scalable remote connectivity
  • Low total cost of ownership through simple deployment and management
  • Built-in integration with a wide variety of remote sensors, controllers and devices
  • Enables any company to seamlessly connect existing infrastructure to the industrial internet
  • Proven results at around the world