Solutions for the Agriculture Industry


Reap the Rewards of Process Optimization

As populations expand, it is more important than ever to conserve resources by growing as much food as possible on less land, while using the least water for irrigation. The latest IoT technology allows farmers greater control over their environment, while lessening the risks of farming.

The farming industry faces tough challenges including hostile terrain, isolated locations and extreme weather. Irrigation and climate control are key to optimal agricultural growth. Constant surveillance over irrigation flows, humidity and temperature levels can increase the efficiency of any agricultural enterprise.

The Bacsoft IoT Platform enables farmers to improve and optimize agricultural processes, simply and inexpensively. With Bacsoft, agricultural companies can implement remote real-time leak and failure detection, transfer information from meteorological stations, monitor humidity and temperature, and via remote, and wireless applications, regulate water distribution systems. Optional solar panel connectivity and long life battery power make all of this possible in remote, off-grid locations.

The Bacsoft IoT Platform has been proven around the world to generate measurable financial and operational advantages in the agricultural, food production and commercial farming sectors.

Bacsoft Agricultural Solutions

The Bacsoft IoT Platform powers a wide variety of agriculture solutions for customers all over the world. Some examples include:

Greenhouse Monitoring & Control

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Remote Management of Irrigation Controllers

Without water, nothing grows. Water is a limited and sometimes costly resource and in order to maximize its benefits, it must be managed and monitored closely… Read More

Case Study: Cana Brava

Caña Brava’s operations are highly sophisticated. Automated drip irrigation systems are at the heart of their desert-climate agriculture. There are several pumping sites with multiple pumps. The water is pumped out of the ground into a reservoir and from there, it is drawn for agriculture. While the pumping equipment is state of the art, it is all operated manually, on-site.