Water Distribution in Chancay Huaral Canals is Automated with Bacsoft’s IoT Platform

October 9, 2017

Water Distribution in Chancay Huaral Canals is Automated with Bacsoft’s IoT Platform

Following the successful pilot program, the solution will be implemented in other basins throughout the country to modernize water infrastructure management

The National Water Authority, a department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, has successfully completed a pilot program designed to modernize management of the hydraulic infrastructure in the Chancay Huaral basin.

The project uses the Bacsoft IoT platform to transmit data needed to control and measure the water in the canals used by the local hydraulic sector. This solution features an application for real-time remote monitoring and control of water distribution, and enables the Water Authority to:

  • Measure water consumption of large customers including other water authorities and suppliers
  • Evaluate technology that will enable agricultural associations and water suppliers to implement usage-based billing
  • Learn about customers’ water consumption patterns to enable better supply planning and usage-based billing

“The new solution uses enables us to improve the efficiency and administration of water usage, to provide a timely response to customers, and to modernize our operations,” said Alberto Alva Tiravanti, director of the Water Resources Management Directorate of ANA. “We will introduce this solution in additional basins throughout the country.”

The Cañete Fortaleza Water Management Authority (AAA) and the Local Water Administration (ALA) Chancay Huaral were in charge of the project to modernize and automate the water distribution system. The project was mandated by the Board of Users of the local hydraulic sector.