Solutions for the Energy Industry


Improve Efficiency and Security with the Industrial Internet

Today’s power distribution systems demand the most powerful and flexible remote management solutions. The Internet of Things (IoT) offers many tools for the energy and utilities sector, enabling visibility into energy usage, remote management of network equipment, distribution automation, and more.

With IoT, power and energy companies can improve customer service, reduce risk, and increase operational efficiencies through an endless variety of uses. Smart Meters and Smart Grids enable electricity providers to offer new services by sharing data and advising homes and offices on how to be more energy efficient. Oil and gas companies can cut costs and increase efficiencies in the field. Sensor data and advanced analytics can be used to predict the failure of critical components in oil and gas fields, avoiding costly breakdowns. Even detailed information on local weather conditions and connected systems can enable the automated start up and shut down of equipment, increasing production.

Bacsoft provides both power utilities and commercial enterprises with innovative, reliable and resilient IoT solutions. They allow real-time monitoring and control over complex and widely dispersed energy transmission and distribution systems.

Bacsoft solutions provide damage and loss prevention via real-time alerts and alarms that enable immediate diagnoses and remediation. Our energy solutions reduce costs and man-hours with preventative maintenance. Efficiency is improved as real-time adjustments optimize performance.

Bacsoft Energy Solutions

The Bacsoft IoT Platform powers a wide variety of energy solutions for customers all over the world. Some examples include:

Monitoring of Remote & Unmanned Stations

Utilities and power companies operate citywide or even nationwide and have many unmanned satellite plants… Read More

Transformer Theft Alarm:
Effective Action and Deterrence

Generating electricity is a complex process. The final product cannot be stored; it is generated and supplied in real… Read More

Street Lighting:
Illuminating Efficiency

Every municipality is made of up numerous streets and highways, all lined with street lights for driving safety and security… Read More

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR):
Efficiency and Effectiveness

AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) allows routine and reliable data collection from all types of utility meters for billing… Read More

Remote Quality Monitoring & Analysis

Monitoring quality and consistency of power flow and usage across the full breadth of a utility business is a challenge… Read More

Oil & Gas Facility Monitoring Around the Clock

Monitoring the many variables of any oil and gas facility is a complex and demanding task. A well-functioning… Read More

Case Study: Israel Electric Corporation

Generating electricity is a complex process. The final product cannot be stored – it is generated and supplied in real-time and subject to demand at any moment. Every time a customer connects or disconnects from the system, the system must adapt seamlessly and generate more or less electricity. So when transformers are stolen or vandalized, it upsets an entire system.

Case Study: Eilat Ashkelon Oil Pipeline

Preventing corrosion is critical to the maintenance of any pipeline, and EAPC is no exception. To protect its nearly 750 km of pipeline, EAPC has implemented a sophisticated network of active and passive cathodic protection. The cathodic protection is widely spaced throughout the country, and until 2013, all configuration, monitoring and maintenance took place on-site.