Solutions for Equipment Vendors


Launch Your Products into the Future

To remain competitive, equipment manufacturers must connect their products to the Internet of Things. From electrical transformers to gas meters, climate sensors, and motion detectors, manufacturers are leveraging the power of the industrial Internet to offer remote monitoring, control, and analysis. With the IoT, your customers can save time and money and benefit from the ability to collect more consistent and exact data. However, not every equipment manufacturer is also an expert in IoT solutions. Retrofitting existing hardware to wireless connectivity and building new, cloud-based applications can be a daunting task. In order to provide the highest quality solutions in the most efficient and cost-effective way, companies are turning to the experts at Bacsoft. Bacsoft can quickly and inexpensively build both web and mobile applications that enable customers to collect data, change parameters, check online status, receive smart alerts and much more.

Power and Flexibility Combined

The Bacsoft platform is an end-to-end solution for building and managing advanced IoT and M2M applications. Using Bacsoft expertise, equipment manufacturers can rapidly connect products to the IoT and build powerful command and control applications for all kinds of industrial equipment.

Bacsoft solutions feature Smart Communications Controllers, which easily plug into any sensor, PLC or device. Bacsoft Smart Controllers are designed to function under harsh conditions including off-grid and poor cellular connectivity. The system supports a variety of interfaces including analog, 4-20mA, Digital, RS232, Modbus and others, to quickly connect a broad variety of equipment to the industrial internet.

The Bacsoft IoT cloud manages communication, collects the data for analysis, and provides alerts and alarms. Fully customizable web and mobile applications along with a simple SCADA integration provide full control of any vendor’s equipment, anytime, anywhere.

Multiple Layers of Security

Companies manufacturing equipment for critical infrastructure such as water utilities, desalinization plants, or electricity plants require high levels of cyber security. The Bacsoft Platform supports SSL encryption for data security. It can be deployed in the Bacsoft cloud or in the customer’s private cloud. The platform also supports secured private cellular networks and a variety of additional cyber security features to meet customer requirements. Case Study – BlueI (coming soon)