Solutions for Industrial Automation


Integration of Equipment, Systems and People

Today, efficiency is benchmarked by the kind of flexibility, scrutiny and responsiveness that only cloud-based technology and near real-time control can deliver. Managing equipment on-site and in the field today demands constant communication and faster response. The Internet of Things offers the power of remote management to control your entire facility in all circumstances including natural disaster, mechanical failure, or environmentally hazardous situations – indeed anything that might result in costly loss or downtime. A complete IoT solution for industrial automation integrates equipment, systems, and people into a collaborative environment that rapidly adapts to changing operational requirements.

The Bacsoft platform is an end-to-end solution for building and managing advanced IoT and M2M applications. Using Bacsoft expertise, industrial concerns can rapidly connect all of the equipment and in any facility to the IoT and utilize effective technology for real-time monitoring, command and control.

Bacsoft Industrial Automation Solutions

The Bacsoft IoT Platform powers a wide variety of industrial automation solutions for customers all over the world. Some examples include:

Remote Monitoring

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Alerts in an Automated Environment

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