Welcome to Bacsoft’s All New Partner Program

octubre 6, 2016

Welcome to Bacsoft’s All New Partner Program

Bacsoft is dedicated to providing our partners with real-world experience and expertise. This is our commitment to you. We now offer, along with our world-class solutions, education and empowerment packages to our partners worldwide.

The Bacsoft partner program is designed to:

  • Create a powerful network of channels to generate sales
  • Strengthen relationships with our channel partners to ensure the promotion of our products while lowering partners’ churn
  • Help partners to promote our solutions to their customers
  • Empower existing partners by providing them with competence, knowledge and means to sell our solutions


Bronze, Silver & Gold

We offer program modules for training, support, co-marketing and commercial benefits with three levels of opportunity.

As soon as our partner signs with Bacsoft, they are considered at the Bronze Level. This entitles them to sales training, first tier certification support and a discounted demo kit. Joint marketing at The Bronze Level includes Bacsoft recognition, our partner’s logo up on our website and full on site support. Joint events can be scheduled and Bacsoft will channel our partners’ newsletters and marketing updates. Technical notes, access to our support site, alerts and updates are provided as well as technical webinars for further education.

When a partner has reached sales over $500K, he moves to Silver status. At over $1M in sales, Gold status is bestowed. These higher level statuses incur greater discounts, increased sales training, co-marketing funds, joint seminars and webinars, on site support, dedicated joint collateral, full 24/7 phone support and customized training. The benefits to being a Bacsoft partner are innumerable.

Bacsoft is flexible and creative enough to not only bring you world class solutions for your business’ IoT needs, but we are dedicated to bringing our partners the support and connection they need to get our solutions our into the business world. This is our commitment to you: real-world experience real-world expertise and real-world integrated support.