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Alerts in an Automated Environment

Real-time access to key asset and process information means improved productivity and efficiency. It can increase asset life, reduce maintenance costs, and improve service levels . Nowhere is this more important than in an automated environment where operations can rapidly deteriorate or even grind to a halt without the critical flow of real-time performance and status data that enables prompt and pre-emptive action. Any automated system will benefit from an efficient system of remote alerts and alarms made possible through the Internet of Things.

The Bacsoft IoT Solution

Bacsoft’s IoT Solution provides advanced alarm management that helps protect plant uptime and safety. Field units automatically send alerts and data on predefined malfunctions or activity including sliding, float malfunction, generator activation, pump shutdown, even a door opening. Combining user-friendly, best-in-class alarm management applications Bacsoft delivers a powerful boost to operator productivity.

The Bacsoft solution for monitoring and managing alerts and alarms features Smart Communications Controllers that easily plug into any industry PLC, sensor or meter through a variety of interfaces to provide complete wired or wireless connectivity.

The Bacsoft IoT cloud manages communications, collects the data for analysis, and provides all-important alerts and alarms. Fully customizable web and mobile applications along with a simple SCADA integration, designed to get the right alarm to the right person, provide full control—anytime, anywhere.

Solution Features

Plug & Play: Connects with any standard climate and water volume sensors without equipment upgrades

Battery/Solar Power: Low energy units are specially designed for long life under harsh conditions

Scalable: Capable of expanding and simultaneously supporting thousands of devices

Secure: Meets the highest government security standards

Web, Mobile and SCADA: Fully customizable web and mobile HMI and simple integration with SCADA systems

Flexible: Fully configurable to provide alarms and reports in various formats across multiple media

Resilient: IP65-66 industrial grade housing available for deployment in harsh environments