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Monitoring of Remote & Unmanned Stations: All Eyes All the Time

Utilities and power companies operate citywide or even nationwide and have many unmanned satellite plants, service rooms and remote installations. But if things go wrong, you need to know instantly. With IoT technology, you can monitor critical parameters, including temperature, power consumption, smoke detection, or even motion detection, and provide real-time alerts if a malfunction or intrusion occurs.

The Bacsoft platform is an end-to-end solution for building and managing advanced IoT and M2M applications. Using Bacsoft, companies can rapidly connect their legacy infrastructure to the Industrial Internet and build applications to remotely monitor and control their operations.

Bacsoft solutions feature the Smart Communications Controllers, which easily plug into climate, smoke or even motion sensors at any unmanned location. The Smart Controllers are scalable, can be added to thousands of locations, and can be easily connected to legacy hardware. The system supports a variety of interfaces including analog, 4-20mA, Digital, RS232, Modbus and others, providing maximum flexibility for designing and customizing your remote monitoring and alerting solution.

The Bacsoft IoT cloud manages communication, collects the data for analysis, and provides alerts and alarms. Fully customizable web and mobile applications along with a simple SCADA integration provide full control anytime, anywhere.

Solution Features

Plug & Play: Connects with any existing climate, fire, or movement sensors, without equipment upgrades

Battery/Solar Power Option: Low energy units especially designed for long life under harsh conditions and power failure

Scalable: Capable of expanding and simultaneously supporting thousands of endpoints

Secure: Meets the highest government security standards

Web, Mobile and SCADA: Fully customizable web and mobile HMI and simple integration with SCADA systems

Flexible: Fully configurable to provide alarms and reports in various formats across multiple media

Resilient: IP65-66 Industry Grade option available for deployment in harsh environments