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Level and Overflow Monitoring – Immediate Response

IoT technology supports the monitoring of weather conditions, water levels and sluice positions. This allows utilities to manage water collection, as well as overflows in sewer lines, waterways and reservoirs. With Bacsoft, they can take immediate action, including pre-emptive containment.

Timing is critical. The earlier the warning, the better the outcome. Only continuous monitoring of water levels and automated overflow alerts can prevent financial and property losses due to flooding.
Our remote technology gives water utilities and municipalities the power to manage water collection along all types of waterways to monitor water levels and prevent potential hazardous overflows.

The Bacsoft solution for level and overflow monitoring features The Smart Communications Controller, which easily plugs into any water level sensor or meter. The Bacsoft IoT cloud manages communications, collects the data for analysis, and provides alerts and alarms. Fully customizable web and mobile applications along with a simple SCADA integration provide full control anytime, anywhere.

Solution Features

Plug & Play: Connects with any standard water level monitor without the necessity of infrastructure upgrades

Battery/Solar Power Option: Low energy units especially designed for long life under harsh conditions

Scalable: Capable of expanding and simultaneously supporting thousands of endpoints

Secure: Meets the highest government security standards

Web, Mobile and SCADA: Fully customizable web and mobile HMI and simple integration with SCADA systems

Flexible: Fully configurable to provide alarms and reports in various formats across multiple media

Resilient: IP65-66 Industry Grade option available for deployment in harsh environments