Ilan Feldman, CEO

Ilan Feldman is the CEO and founder of Bacsoft. Since 2006, Ilan has provided decisive leadership and forward-thinking strategies that have successfully lead the company to show worldwide activity and profitability. Previously as a VP of R&D and as an R&D Manager, Ilan has nearly 20 years’ experience at startups MagInk and SigmaOne, managing interdisciplinary teams, creating and implementing multiyear budgets and work-plans and collaborating in joint ventures word-wide. Ilan has a BSc from Be’er Sheva University.

Noam Nachlieli, Vice President R&D

Noam Nachlieli , Bacsoft’s VP of R&D, has been leading development teams at Bacsoft since 2007 in the development of creative, multi layered solutions featuring unique wireless communications and remote control technologies for utilities, municipalities and industrial systems. Previously Noam worked at Amdocs where he was employed in the CRM product division in a variety of development roles, including R&D Group Leader, working with key accounts in Australia, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, USA and India. Noam has a BS in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University.

Avi Strul, Head of Project Management

Avi works closely with Bacsoft’s customers to assure their continued success. Before joining Bacsoft in 2008, Avi spent 10 years working in a variety of software management and development roles at leading software companies including Amdocs, New Dimension and BMC. Avi studied at the Academic College of Tel Aviv.

Ilan Atias, Head of Advisory Board

As a serial entrepreneur with more than 30 years experience in technology and management, Ilan’s success is in bringing together successful business management and leadership, product development, financial expertise and operational know-how. Founder of Keren Technologies, a strategic consulting and business development company, Ilan advises technology startups, working closely with CEOs, sharing his experience, presenting the companies to investors, and guiding them into the full realization of their potential. Previously founder and CEO of various companies including InnoSave, Besine Technologies, PowerDsine and Y. Wallisch Ltd, Ilan holds BScEE, Electronic Engineering from Technion-Machon Technologi Le’ Israel and a MBA, Finance, Technology Management from Tel Aviv University.