Bacsoft IoT Platform

The fastest, simplest route to the Industrial Internet

Connect, Build and Manage IoT Applications

The Bacsoft IoT platform takes the complexity and risk out of IoT. Only Bacsoft provides instant wireless connectivity for legacy infrastructure, a secure IoT cloud, and a visual Application Builder for code-free web and mobile HMI. The Bacsoft platform connects to virtually any device and integrates seamlessly with existing SCADA systems. It’s easy to setup, manage and expand.

The power of IoT, simplified. Read the whitepaper.

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Bacsoft Smart Communications Controllers

Bacsoft’s Smart Communications Controllers offer built-in support for a wide variety of devices, interfaces and protocols to provide instant connectivity for any device or sensor. The Smart Contoller offers advanced features that ensure reliable connectivity even in challenging conditions.

Bacsoft IoT Cloud

The Bacsoft IoT Cloud provides all application and communication services in a multi-domain, scalable and secure environment. It features a power administration console for configuring IoT applications and managing third party integrations.

Bacsoft Application Builder

With the Bacsoft Application Builder, you can build tailored IoT applications without coding. Rapidly build a rich HMI with visual dashboards, multi-channel alerts and complex logic, and deploy to mobile devices, web browsers and SCADA systems.