Bacsoft HMI & App Builder


A Complete Solution for IoT Applications

The Bacsoft Application Builder is a rapid development environment that enables both integrators and IT organizations to build customized IoT applications without coding. It includes the tools you need to customize web and mobile end-user applications, as well as a powerful console for configuring and managing remote devices and communications. The Bacsoft Application Builder gives you the power and flexibility to remotely monitor and control your operations and quickly meet the specific needs of your business.

Bacsoft IoT Platform


Code-Free Custom Applications

With the Bacsoft Application Builder, you can rapidly build a rich HMI with visual dashboards, multi-channel alerts and complex logic, and deploy to mobile devices, web browsers and SCADA systems.

The Bacsoft IoT Platform includes off-the-shelf Web and Mobile HMI, along with a drag and drop interface. It is easy to create dashboards for different user roles and to provide the business intelligence they need to optimize operations. Built-in, customizable widgets include charts, graphs, alarms, notifications and maps. It’s easy to design and import your own.

Alerts Anywhere, Anytime

The Application Builder gives you full control over alerts, which can be displayed in the application or sent via a messaging system or email. You can define who receives which alerts and when, including complex logic for users who have offline time windows or infrequent system access.

Business Intelligence to Optimize Operations

The Bacsoft IoT platform provides the business intelligence you need to optimize your business. From gathering data to analyze to visualization using charts, graphs and maps, you can track both historical data and future trends.

Simple Setup and Configuration

The Bacsoft Application Builder features a Management Console for setup, configuration and ongoing management of the entire IoT system. You can even perform remote maintenance over the air, including software upgrades, diagnostics and troubleshooting for the remote communication controller units as well as remote PLCs.

With the Management Console, you can define, setup and configure:

  • Mobile operators and communications settings.
  • Users, groups and authorizations.
  • Smart Controllers and remote devices

Customizable Web, Mobile and SCADA apps

  • Code-Free customization with Bacsoft Application Builder
  • Support for Android, iOS and Windows Phone
  • Integration with any SCADA via OPC/Modbus TCP

  • Alerts and Alarms via email & SMS
  • Business Intelligence: Charts, graphs and maps to visualize data and trends
  • Real-Time events and historical data