Bacsoft Smart Communications Controller


Turn Your Equipment into a Smart, Connected Device

The Bacsoft Smart Communications Controllers is a family of products designed to make any sensor or piece of equipment into a smart, connected device. Simple to deploy, the Smart Controller can interface with any PLC, sensor or proprietary device through standard interfaces such as Serial 232/485, Ethernet, digital, analog, PT100 and relay output. It includes built-in support for Modbus and Melsec and can be easily adapted to work with any proprietary protocol, binary or ASCII.

Bacsoft IoT Platform


Reliable Cellular Connectivity You Can Trust

Bacsoft Smart Controllers provide bi-directional 4G cellular communications. Through extensive experience with networks around the world, Bacsoft has developed technology to ensure reliable connectivity under all conditions. Controllers independently manage connectivity to the IoT Cloud including initiating communications, automatically transitioning to offline login mode if there is a communications failure, performing self-recovery and more.

End to End Security

Communication between the Bacsoft Smart Communications Controllers and the Bacsoft IoT Cloud are TLS secured , along with the option to install private, self-signed certificates. The Smart Controller manages the connection with the PLC or sensor, so it is never queried over the air. To further increase security and eliminate the need for a fixed IP address, the controller identifies and verifies the server during each connection.

Suitable for All Locations and Conditions

For areas where the power grid is either unavailable or unreliable, the controller is available in low-power models that provide up to seven years of autonomous operation. Small and lightweight, the Smart Controller is housed in a robust IP68 enclosure and is easily installed in any location from a remote pipeline to an electrical tower.

The Bacsoft Smart Communications Controller Product Family

The Bacsoft Smart Communications Controller family includes 4 products:

  1. Bacsoft B-Connect Smart 4G Communications Controller: Strong CPU with large storage, designed to operate reliably under all kinds of conditions,. Read the datasheet.
  2. Bacsoft B-Connect 4G Smart Communications Controller: Advanced controller features a fast CPU, a large amount of memory. Read the datasheet.
  3. Bacsoft B-Connect Plus Smart Communications Controller: Includes all of the features of Bacsoft GX, as well as battery operation and low energy consumption for up to 5-7 years in the field using a single battery. It also features GPS, movement sensors and IP68. Read the datasheet.