Solutions for the Water Industry


Revolutionizing Water Utilities and Infrastructure

As urbanization and the need to feed growing populations demand more from our water supplies, both public and private, we need help to conserve precious resources, to save money and to reduce pollution for the generations to come.

To better manage the quantity and quality of water, companies are leveraging the power of the Industrial Internet for remote monitoring, control, and analysis. Whether limiting water loss from leakage, managing storm water runoff or controlling water quality, monitoring water systems and assessing data will increase the sustainability and cost effectiveness of water systems. Billions of gallons of water and the resulting millions of dollars can be saved in monitoring water flow, managing water pressure and overseeing water quality. Manpower hours are reduced as data is collected remotely. Bacsoft enables water utilities, agricultural concerns, and industrial facilities to realize all of these benefits and more by connecting their existing water infrastructure to the Industrial Internet simply, easily and cost-effectively.

Bacsoft Water Solutions

The Bacsoft IoT Platform powers a wide variety of water solutions for customers all over the world. Some examples include:

Remote Control of Valves –
Immediate Damage containment

Constant monitoring of water valves provides water utilities and municipalities the ability to shut down defective… Read More

Level and Overflow Monitoring –
Immediate Response

Using IoT technology allows for the monitoring of weather conditions, water levels and sluice positions. This allows… Read More

Pipe Breakage and Leak Detection –
A Resilient Early-Warning System

Poor construction, corrosion and age all cause water pipelines to fail eventually. They are also vulnerable to spontaneous… Read More

Remote Cathodic Protection for Pipes & Utilities – Efficiency and Endurance

Historically water pipes—thousands of miles of them—have been buried underground, leaving them susceptible to… Read More

Automatic Meter Reading-
Potent Power Through Remote Data Collection

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is a remote water meter reading solution that allows for programmable data… Read More

Monitoring Water Quality –
Life-Critical Detection and Response

Maintaining and securing quality drinking water supplies is the number one concern of any water utility or municipality… Read More

Case Study: Israel National Water Company

Mekorot has a vast network of water-related infrastructure throughout the country, consisting of many different types of equipment installed over an extended period of time. As part of an effort to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of their operations, Mekorot wanted to enable remote monitoring and control of their unconnected infrastructure, including sewage treatment plants, reservoirs, rain enhancement generators, pumping stations, and wells.