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Automatic Meter Reading – Potent Power Through Remote Data Collection

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is a remote water meter reading solution that allows for programmable data collection for billing, troubleshooting, leak and theft detection, and is robust enough for backflow detection and analysis. AMR cuts costs by limiting the amount of human site visits, and delivers accurate billing data based on near real-time consumption instead of estimates based on past or predicted use. This strengthens customer relationships.

The Bacsoft Smart Communications Controller seamlessly integrates with water meters for automatic, near real-time data collection, security detection and performance analysis. Smart Communications Controllers can operate in the field 5-7 years using batteries to count or measure analog input and to then transfer the data to the Bacsoft IoT cloud without an outside power source.

The solution includes the Bacsoft IoT Cloud, which manages communications, collects the data from the field for analysis, and provides alerts and alarms. Fully customizable web and mobile applications along with simple SCADA integration enable utility companies to share all or part of the information collected with local dealers and end-users via secure, web-based applications.

Solution Features

Plug & Play: Connects with any standard meter without the necessity of infrastructure upgrades

Battery/Solar Power Option: Low energy units especially designed for long life under harsh conditions

Scalable: Capable of expanding and simultaneously supporting thousands of endpoints

Secure: Meets the highest government security standards

Web, Mobile and SCADA: Fully customizable web and mobile HMI and simple integration with SCADA systems

Flexible: Fully configurable to provide alarms and reports in various formats across multiple media

Resilient: IP65-66 Industry Grade option available for deployment in harsh environments